The Extras at the Beau Vezé

Where to go and how to choose the right place for a great holiday? That is a tricky and difficult question. The different campsite websites are all very attractive, the guests’ comments on the Internet vary from one costumer to another and the rates are very different although the services may be equal in quality.

On this page, the team of le Beau Vezé wishes to be as honest and clear as possible to describe the campsite and the area with a few words.

The Area

We are located in the most protected, natural and authentic part of the whole department of le Var. You will discover some traditional fishing villages hidden in little coves, natural caves, and beaches that you can reach without too much traffic.

+ To go to the nearest beach will take you 5 minutes by car or 10 minutes on a bike (walking to the beach is not too easy).
+ 2 900 hours of sunshine( the most sunshine year – round in France).
+ Located on a very quiet place, the campsite is very close to the beaches.

The Campsite

An ideal size: our team assures a real conviviality and a customized welcome. Le Beau Vezé is not an average and standard campsite where everything is normalized, compartmentalized and predicted. Our richness is our freedom. We love to share our knowledge of the area and we do recommend that you take your time to enjoy a visit of our site and of the area.

The truth and only the truth: We do give some precise and accurate information, our pictures are not retouched or altered. We would rather lose a client than to have an unhappy or fooled customer.

Reasonable prices: the prices per square meters in this area of le Var are the most expensive ones of France. Therefore, the campsites rates are very high.

Le Beau Vezé adjusts its prices to the buying power and has the lowest prices of all the 3-star and 4-star campsites of the department, by preserving and optimizing the natural surroundings. There are no lawns, no tropical trees, but maritime pines and olive trees. The infrastructures (the swimming pools and the water slide) are simple, but fun. Your children will have fun with the different activities and will discover new things. Do not worry, we do not make any savings on the cleanliness, the comfort or the security.

A natural surrounding, a quiet campsite: are what make the notoriety of Le Beau Vezé. All our spots are spread into the luxurious vegetation and there is a feeling of camping in the wild.
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